MANTLER gluten-free lactose-free flour

Basic dough for bread and buns

Recipe for 2 breads (550g):


500 g : MANTLER gluten-free lactose-free flour
400 g: soy milk or water
50 g: cooking oil
10 g: salt
42 g: yeast


All ingredients should be processed to dough and put in a backing pan or shaped in loafs
Cooking time: ca. 45min in the backing pan
Backing time: ca. 45min in a pre-heated oven
Backing temperature: 220°C

It is also possible to put in bread spicery, nuts, carrots or any kind of vegetable mixtures as you will.

Hint: for a longer conservation of the loaves you can heighten the liquid a little bit (onto 500g) and bake in the baking pan.