Gluten-free flour

We take the most out of flour!
This is the principle of the Mantler-Mühle Rosenburg ever since.

As we are geared to the wishes and needs of our customers we have recognized over 20 years ago that the number of people who suffer from the celiac disease is constantly increasing. So we started with the development of gluten-free flour mixtures. After a long time of trying we assembled all-purpose gluten-free flour with excellent baking characteristics and, moreover, a very well-priced one. Our flour is available in every nameable grocery store in Austria!

Due to the rapid increasing demand on our gluten-free flour we started running a new modern production facility for gluten-free flour mixtures. This computer-controlled facility is completely separated from the remaining flour production, so that we can eliminate any possibility of contamination. There are taken samples out of every produced batch which are examined at AGES. As soon as we receive the results the batch is approved.

There are developed constantly new recipes for cakes, breads and confections of pastry in our backing-lab that we are going to publish on our homepage or in recipe portfolios. We support hospitals, dietetics and diet-assistants with free samples and recipe portfolios for cookery courses.

Due to the cooperation with the Austrian celiac disease-association, many dietetics and conversations with concerned people we figured out that there is a strong demand on rustic bread mixtures. Therefore we came out with a brown-bread mix, especially for the production of loafs of bread.

Moreover we established ourselves on the international market and we export our flour mixtures, which are approved and recommended by every celiac disease-association, into the whole European region.