General Orientation

We take the most out of flour

Our ultimate ambition is customer satisfaction!

The principles of the QM-philosophy:

» Quality realigns on the customer.
» Quality is achieved with help of the employees in all areas and levels.
» Quality enfolds many dimensions which have to be operationalised through specific criteria.
» Quality is not a goal but a process thats end is not far off.
» Quality doesnt refer only to products but to services as well.
» Quality assumes to work something out trough energetic acting.

Components of the QM:

» Planning
» Navigation
» Assurance
» Improvement

Our QM-system guarantees for secure high-quality products!

To claim our high demands on our QM-system we are always looking for new and professional problem-solving strategies. The automation of certain operations is for us a matter of course just as the detailed documentation and creation of standards for products and services.

We guarantee the compliance with all legal regulations, licensing requirements and orders as well as the completion of all national and European quality and production standards.

The motivation and intensive further education of our employees is an important and supporting element for the achieving of our goals. Part and parcel of our success is the advantages of a family-owned enterprise with decisions that can be made fast, efficiently and promptly and a cooperative collaboration of all employees.