The Company

We take the most out of flour!

This is the maxim of the Mantler-Mühle Rosenburg!

The Mantler mill in Rosenburg has been owned by the Mantler family for generations. Mantler was one of the first in Austria to offer bakers a broad range of flour blends for numerous different types of breads and baked goods.

More than 30 years have already passed since the Mantler mill started producing high-quality, gluten-free blends. We realised that the number of people suffering from coeliac disease was constantly increasing and so we started developing a gluten-free flour mixture and, after numerous prototypes, we have succeeded in producing a universal low-cost gluten-free flour, ideal for use in baking and cooking. Our flour can be bought in all main supermarkets in Austria.

As a result of the rapidly increasing demand for our gluten-free flour, a modern new plant for the production of gluten-free flour mixtures was put into operation in 2008. In order to prevent contamination, this computer- controlled plant is kept quite separated from those producing other flours. Samples are taken from all batches produced and are not released until they have been examined and cleared by the “AGES” (Austrian Agency for Health and Nutritional Safety).

New blends and recipes for cakes, bread and pastries are constantly developed and tested in our baking laboratory. The recipes are subsequently published on our homepage and in our recipe collections. We also support hospitals, dieticians and nutritionists by supplying them with free samples and recipe collections for cookery classes.

We are Austria’s only producer of gluten-free blends and mixes for cooking and baking.

For consumers there are three different flour blends on the market; they are available in all major supermarkets in Austria:

1 kg Packung an:

• glutenfree and lactosefree flour, universal mix for bread and cake
• glutenfree and lactosefree bread mix for dark bread
• glutenfree sponge and cake mix

For bakers and producers of gluten-free or wheat free baked goods we have new mixtures as raw material:

Für diese weiterverarbeitenden Betriebe haben wir drei ganz neue glutenfreie Mischungen entwickelt:

• glutenfree and lactosefree bread and pastry mix
• glutenfree and lactosefree sponge and cake mix
• glutenfree and lactosefree cookie mix

We are also represented on the international market. Our flours, which are recognised and recommended by all European celiac associations, are exported in many European Countries.

We are always striving to expand our exports.